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Wishing You Happy Diwali & Prosperous New Year


Wishing All my fans, producers, directors and technicians of films, TV serials and everybody Happpy Diwali  & prosprerous New Year……..Rishabh Raj


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Rishabh Raj Actor “Ab bhi jiska khoon na khaula, khoon nahi voh paani hai”


I, Rishabh Raj (bollywood actor), am very sad to see the response of our countrymen towards our country.

Anurag Kashyap statement: “Prime Minister Narendra Modi should say sorry. Is he doing all these for publicity or supporting those who are anti-nationals? Or does he purely means business like East India Company.”

I am an ardent fan of Anurag Kashyap. Being an actor myself, I admire his works. But due respect to Anurag Kashyap, I do not support his statement. Our ideals have changed over a period of time. There was a time when our countrymen were ready to do or die for the country. We made movies fully devoted to our county. But today Bollywood is only looking for Publicity. As it is rightly said, “Bad publicity is also publicity.” Box office collection is what every producer looks for. But what if, it is at the cost of your motherland’s respect. Is it worth it?


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It makes me thinks sometimes, why people like Bhagat Singh died for India? Why Soldiers every day die for India? Why school children donated their pocket money for army during Kargil War? Why 80% of Indians say go against Pakistan? What heritage are we ready to give our next generation? If they can so can You. Doesn’t your heart beats faster when you hear Vande Matram songs? Doesn’t your inner self rises when u listen Mera Rang De Basanti Chola? Doesn’t it seem wrong to you to support those who are wounding our motherland?

Business is our need. It gives us growth, development, advancement in technology. But is business so important that we forget to understand India is bigger than you. We tend to forget India is and will always be bigger than us. Our individuality, our roots, our presence is because of India. India has given us the structure on which we are standing. We are there if India is there. If India gets destroyed by enemies, who are we – Nothing.

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Soldiers have lost their lives in the past so that the common public can sleep peacefully in their house. But is it only the duty of Soldiers towards India? Is it not the responsibility of each and every person to stand for India in time of need? We are one of the largest populated countries. Our unity, our strength has the power to destroy all evil forces once and for all.

I have faced a similar situation. My first movie Jhansi Ki Rani was 80% complete when the attack on Taj happened. The lead actress in the movie was Mera – Pakistani actress. Our producer didn’t even think twice to get free publicity in the name of the country. He just changed the lead actress. The lead actress had worked very hard; the entire team had worked very hard. It was a huge loss to me and my dreams were shattered. But I did not go against my country. Country always comes first because this county again gave me a chance to stand and do what I ever wanted to do.

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I would request Indians to raise their voice and teach a lesson to those who use India as a platform to just make money like East India Company. They should be thrown out of country because they are East India Company virus and its vaccination is the need of today.

Rishabh Raj Plays Bhagat Singh after Manoj Kumar, Ajay Devgun & Bobby Deol In Chandra Shekhar Azad

Shaheed Chandrashekhar Azaad Latest Historical Film  for which shooting has just completed and the film is ready for an early release.

He has worked hard for this character which is going to be praised by the critics and pundits of the  film industry. The role which popular stars like   Manoj Kumar, Ajay Devghan & Bobby Deol,  have played it will be compared with them so it was a challenge for Rishabh Raj to accept and portray this role, he accepted and done the full justice to his character. Everybody on the sets were glued to see a real bhagat singh in him, Rishabh Raj is of the opinion Zindagi to apne dum par jee jaati hai doosron ke kaandhe par to sirf janaaze uthaye jaate hain.

The above quote has given him encouragement in film industry where new comers, who are not from Filmi Background are not accepted immediately in bollywood, he made his present felt by completing 3 films in short span of time, Rishab Raj has the distinction of working in many popular serials like V Distraction, The Buddy Project, Dil Dosti Dance, Its Complicated all on  On Channel V, Arjun on Star Plus, Big Fame Star on Reliance Big Magic. His Latest Movie Satte Pe Satta  a hindi Movie by Rajesh Mittal has just completed and post production work is full progress for an very early release.along with Shaeed Chandrashekhar Azad.

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He Says “bhagat singh ne mujhe bht zyada inspire kiya hai n many many thanks to mr rajesh mittal jinhone mujhe bhagat singh ka role diya mai Indian govt se request Karna chahunga jaise Hume bachpan se gandhiji ke baare mei padhaya jata hai bhagat singh ke baare mei bhi padhaya Jaye taaki mere jaise youngsters bhagat singh se inspire ho sake aur choti umra se hi desh ke liye prem jaage life ke Jo hurdles hain unhe face kaise kiya Jaye uska ek tareeka mile hai bhagat sigh ke life se bht zyada inspired hoon aur unki tarah hi life mei mushkilon se tootunga nhi balki jojhunga aga”

Our team who had chat with Rishabh Raj are of the opinion that he is very  enthusiastic, intelligent and well  behaved person, and cooperative nature  deserves more and more assignments in his carrer.

Sate Pe Satta Coming Film

Sate Pe Satta Is his new coming film which is ready for an early release


Jhansi Ki Rani Laxmi Bai

Succesfuly Released Historic Film of Rajesh Mittal His role was appreciated by one and all


Tum Harjaee Ho

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